Telephone Interviews

We have the physical space and computing capacity to conduct over 100,000 interviews per year. Interviews are conducted days, evenings and weekends. A toll-free telephone line is available to respondents regarding interview requests or questions. HBRRC can conduct Interviews in single or mixed mode.

We conduct telephone interviews using CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) as well as reporting and questionnaire authoring software.    
HBRRC has secured and restricted access facilities, allowing us to conduct on site interviews ranging in size from one on one interviews to focus groups, in the strictest confidence, ensuring the confidentiality of participants and their response data. 

HBRRC has access to University of Missouri Campus mail for direct mail services. Our mail facilities are ranked in the top 5 for universities nationwide and handle over 20,000,000 pieces of mail per year.

Data Maintenance

All data is archived daily at a local workstation and an off-site MU server. We also archive data to compact disc for internal storage and easy access upon client request.


Interviewers are employees of the Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center. Interviewers participate in a rigorous training module including orientation and a variety of mock studies. In addition, our employees complete MU IRB and HIPAA training certification and sign a confidentiality agreement prior to interacting with potential respondents. 

Supplementary training includes mandatory monthly refresher modules, as well as specific modules and certifications required per study. HBRRC supervisory staff conducts live, real-time monitoring of interviewers and project databases daily.

Web Surveys

We have the capability to complete web survey studies. Contact Al Browne, program director, for more information at 573-884-8525 or