The Pathways to Success Pre-Admission Program is a partnership between the University of Missouri School of Medicine and the MedOpp Advising Office housed in Fellowships and Advanced Studies on main campus.

Pathways to Success Pre-Admission Program students

The program encourages and supports first generation college, socioeconomically and/or educationally disadvantaged undergraduate Mizzou students as they pursue a career in medicine.

Students accepted into the pre-admission program are offered acceptance into the University of Missouri School of Medicine on the condition they achieve certain academic standards, demonstrate ongoing professionalism, and participate in required activities during their undergraduate career. Students who matriculate into the School of Medicine through the Pathways to Success Pre-Admissions Program will become PAWS Scholars and will also have curricular requirements while attending the School of Medicine.

Students that would like to apply for the Pathways to Success Pre-Admission Program must meet specific academic requirements and complete the application. Applications open Feb. 7, 2022. Review the requirements and application information.

PAWS Pre-Admission Program Requirements

How to Apply for PAWS


Incoming and current freshmen still have the opportunity to get the support needed to become well-rounded candidates for a future in medicine in our Junior Pathways to Success Program (J-PAWS).

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