Acceptance into the Pathways to Success Program is based on academic achievement, commitment to a career in medicine, possession of personal characteristics expected of quality physicians and coming from a background where the student is a first-generation college student, socioeconomically disadvantaged and/or a member of a group historically underrepresented in medicine.

    Application Process

    The entire application must be completed and submitted by 11:59 pm on April 15, 2021. Supplemental materials are due by 11:59 pm on May 15, 2021.

    Only completed applications with ALL required supplemental materials will be considered. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all required materials are received. Any application materials submitted after May 15th will not be considered.

    Required supplemental materials:

    • Two letters of recommendation are required. Both letters must come from college professors. It is highly suggested that one letter come from a faculty member in a science department (biology, chemistry, etc.). Please have the letters sent directly from the faculty member to the PAWS Program,
    • College transcripts: Applicants must request an Official Transcript from the Office of the University Registrar at the University of Missouri-Columbia including current spring semester grades, and have it sent to the Pathways to Success Pre-Admission Program at the MU School of Medicine.

    Applicants must also submit transcripts for all colleges or universities where they have received course credit (including dual-credit courses).

    Submit transcripts to

    If you are selected to interview for a position in the program, the interview will take place during the last 2 weeks of June 2021. Please plan accordingly.

    For application questions or to verify receipt of materials, email

    The Pathways to Success (PAWS) Program is now accepting applications.

    Apply here

    Please be aware that you must finish the application in ONE SITTING and click “submit” in order for it to be complete. You can complete some of the required information in a Word document and copy and paste it into the application.

    To facilitate the completion of your application, you will need the following information available:

    • Contact information, including your school ID and school and personal email addresses
    • Parental information (address, educational background, occupation, household income)
    • High school cumulative GPA (unweighted), class rank and ACT Score
    • A list of high school honors courses, if applicable
    • A list of all high school honors and awards
    • College credits earned in high school (college/university, department and course number, title of course, grades and credit hours received); this Information is needed for each course you received college credit
    • A Plan of Study listing the required courses already completed and a plan for the completion of the remaining courses. The Course Requirements are listed at the top of the Program Requirements page. For all courses, include the college or university where you took the course, the department and course number, title of the course, grade received if already taken, number of credit hours and semester the course was taken or semester you plan to take the course.
    • Activity participation; List up to 10 activities (name of activity, dates of participation, total hours, organization name, location, brief activity description with 200 character limit); You may include significant high school activities. Activity types include: work, extracurricular activities, sports, volunteer, research and health related activities.
    • You will choose 3 of your listed activities that were particularly meaningful and describe that in the space provided. 125 word limit.
    • The name, title and department of two recommenders who will write a Letter of Recommendation for your application.
    • Three Essays:
      • Please write a personal statement explaining why you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. (500 word limit)
      • The Pathways to Success Program encourages an environment of peer support, mentorship and inclusion among its participants. What are some concrete ways/examples in which you have provided peer support, mentorship and/or inclusion among those around you? (250 word limit)
      • Tell us about what makes you unique. How will these attributes contribute to the University of Missouri School of Medicine and your career as a physician? (250 word limit)