The Rural Track Elective Program provides Rural Scholars with an additional rural clinical experience during their final year of medical school, which helps the students solidify their commitment to practicing rural medicine. A variety of primary care and specialty electives have been developed and faculty approved by the school's clinical departments in rural, community-based settings throughout the state.

Rural Track Electives

Application and Selection

The Clinical Rotation Catalog lists all available rural track electives and course codes. Rural Scholars must submit a Rural Track Elective Program application to be considered for an elective placement. Applications must be received no later than September 30, 2022, but earlier submission will be advantageous with specialty and site preference placement. The Availability List included in the application will be a useful tool when reviewing rural elective options.

Rural elective assignments with an approved community-based faculty member are considered on-site electives. Rural electives may only be taken through Block 26. No Rural Electives are allowed during Block 27. Elective placements will be approved or denied by the Office of Rural Health based on preceptor and/or housing availability. Third-year medical students participating in the MU Rural Track Clerkship Program receive priority placement in all rural training sites. The program is required for all Rural Scholars. More information will be shared during the student's M3 year.