Application links and guidance for all MARC/IMSD opportunities can be found below

Requirements for all Programs

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and full-time University of Missouri student in good standing.
  • Must be from a group that is currently underrepresented in the biomedical, clinical, behavioral, and social science research enterprise. This includes African, Hispanic, and Native Americans, and natives of the U.S. Pacific Islands. It also includes persons with disabilities and persons from disadvantaged backgrounds. Applicants who come from rural and low-income areas, have received support from certain federal programs, have no parents or guardians with degrees or grew up homeless or in the foster care system are considered in this category.
  • Must have a passion for research, a strong work ethic and time management skills, and a strong commitment to succeed and uphold the goals of the MARC/IMSD programs.

IMSD Apprentices

IMSD Apprentice applications are accepted on a rolling, space-available basis. Students may apply at any time and all applicants and any other interested students may attend the weekly meeting and any other large-group sessions. Full participation in the program is limited by the availability of peer mentors and funding for research positions. 

Students are not provided paid research opportunities until they have completed a full semester in the program, so we encourage anyone with any interest to apply as soon as possible, even if space is limited. Maintaining program participation will count retroactively if program space becomes available.

The application consists of basic demographic and academic information and nine (9) brief essay questions. You may begin and complete the application in more than one session. Your application will be reviewed by the program staff after you have submitted it and you will be notified if you meet requirements.

At that point, if there is space available in the program, you will be scheduled for an interview. If not, you will be informed of how to stay involved and qualify for future program openings.

Summer Apprenticeships

IMSD apprentices in labs in the spring semester who wish to stay for the summer, working up to 20 hours per week in their lab may do so by indicating interest with a short application and confirmation by the faculty mentor. Stage II apprentices and their mentors will be notified in the spring when this opportunity becomes available. 

Competitive Funding Opportunities

Information sessions are held every spring to educate students about the summer internship and fellows experience and the process for both. Former fellows participate in a panel discussion so students can better understand the commitment and the benefits. The application process involves submission of a project proposal (shorter description for freshman summer internship applicants) that is developed with a faculty mentor. For additional information about the program and application see the resources below. The application links below will not be activated until spring semester after the new program details are finalized but feel free to read about the current program details and application requirements. 

Summer Internships

There will be a single application for all students, but the project description requirement is abbreviated for freshman applicants. The internship application for sophomores or juniors is identical to the Fellows application.

The application consists of basic demographic and academic information, a personal statement limited to 500 words (or one page double spaced), a research proposal limited to 1000 words (or two pages double-spaced, one page single-spaced), an optional resume, current (unofficial) transcript, at least two letters of recommendation or references (one from the faculty research mentor and one from another science faculty member).


Fellows applications are reviewed each spring for rising juniors and seniors. These are generally full-year fellowships, but students may elect to pursue different summer opportunities. The application includes a requirement for a research project proposal conducted with a faculty mentor. This process takes time and coordination and usually begins in the fall or very early spring prior to the application.

  • Apply for a MARC/IMSD Fellowship
  • Faculty Mentors Submit Reference Letters Here
  • Submit Other Reference Letters Here

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