The Office of Clinician Well-Being was established in 2019 as a joint effort between the School of Medicine and MUHC, who appointed Stephen Keithahn, MD as our first Chief Wellness Officer.

In 2023 we broadened our scope and rebranded as the Office of Well-Being to reflect our expanded mission.

By improving work environments, increasing efficiency, and assisting those who are struggling, our office strives to reduce burnout and increase joy, vitality, and well-being in the professional lives of all healthcare workers within our academic health center.

Burnout is defined as a work-related condition marked by:

  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Depersonalization
  • Reduced feelings of personal accomplishment

Surveys show that as many as 50% of doctors nationwide are experiencing symptoms of burnout. Burnout affects the quality of care provided to patients and takes a personal toll, leading to elevated risk of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Ultimately, it can cause clinicians to change jobs or leave the profession.

We use detailed annual survey data to identify the pain points in the workplace that can lead to burnout. We then work with department and division leaders to implement solutions.

The Office of Well-Being is also here to help you thrive in your career in medicine. We offer individual support for a variety of challenges experienced by clinicians, researchers, and APPs through confidential short-term counseling and referral to other support services. For more information, contact Craig Rooney, PhD or call 573-882-1966.

Telehealth is Here to Stay

It can be hard for busy professionals to make time for mental health services. Two years of successful telehealth counseling during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the utility of this innovation in delivering care.

The Office of Well-Being makes short-term counseling accessible to our clinicians, researchers, and APPs online or in person. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Craig Rooney, PhD, you can email him at or call 573-882-1988 and leave a message.

Your privacy is important to us. All visits are confidential and records are not connected to PowerChart.

91% of SOM Faculty Have a Primary Care Physician– Do You?

Having a relationship with a primary care physician can be a critical part of your self-care plan. Primary care is often a good starting point for mental health or burnout concerns.

We are proud to report that a recent internal survey of MU School of Medicine faculty revealed that 91% have a primary care physician!

If you do not have a PCP and would like to get established with one at MU Health Care, please check out this information.

If you are having difficulty getting established and would like assistance, please contact Steve Keithahn, MD, S. Craig Rooney, PHD, or call us at 573-882-1966.

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