The Missouri Health Information Technology Assistance Center provides resources to promote the meaningful use of health information technology, not only to meet the requirements for receiving Meaningful Use incentive payments.

Missouri HIT Assistance Center was established in April 2010 as the federally designated Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center for the state of Missouri. Missouri HIT Assistance Center operates in collaboration with the University of Missouri through the Department of Health Management and Informatics and the Center for Health Policy.

About Us 


Missouri HIT Assistance Center aims to support primary care providers and other health care professionals and organizations in the adoption of electronic health records and use of health information technology to improve the quality of health care in Missouri.

We provide training, support, technical assistance, outreach, and collaboration to providers. The goal of the Missouri HIT Assistance Center is to facilitate successful implementation of electronic health records as an initial step in supporting the use of health information technology across the state, and to participate in a statewide health information exchange system for providers and patients. Such an infrastructure will lead to significant improvements in the quality and safety of health care and, consequently, in the health of the citizens of Missouri.


The Missouri HIT Assistance Center's purpose is to assist Missouri's health care providers in using electronic health records to improve access and quality of health services; to reduce inefficiencies and avoidable costs; and to optimize the health outcomes of Missourians.


The Missouri HIT Assistance Center has three primary goals in facilitating the implementation of electronic health records, including:

  • Disseminating best practices and educational materials to all health care providers to accelerate efforts to adopt and utilize health information technology to improve the quality and value of health care;
  • Providing comprehensive support and assistance for providers seeking to advance readiness, adopt and become meaningful users of health information technology; and
  • Establishing relationships to leverage and disseminate a broad array of technical assistance services and tools to help providers in the selection, implementation, and meaningful use of electronic health records.