The Department of Psychiatry is dedicated to the treatment of patients, education of learners and research into mental illness. The department provides a full array of services, including inpatient care at the Missouri Psychiatric Center, 24/7 emergency and hospital consultative services and outpatient adult and child clinics. 

The department, which has 32 faculty members and a staff of 30, anticipates continued growth as the need for psychiatric leadership and access continues to grow. In order to help with demand for psychiatrists in Missouri, the department has recently expanded its residency and developed unique regional and statewide community partnerships. Our providers care for patients throughout the state, often using tele-psychiatry to reach more distant locations.

The department directs the pre-clinical IPC Block 6 dedicated to neurosciences, which includes many of the psychiatry faculty and members of other departments, including neurology and family medicine. Psychiatry is a six-week core clinical clerkship for medical students and also offers electives for senior medical students. The department fills its general adult residency with top candidates. A large number of the resident graduates practice in mid-Missouri. Fellowships in child and adolescent and forensic psychiatry are additional department teaching programs. Of note, several of our faculty have received coveted School of Medicine teaching awards in recent years.

Research is an important element of the department’s mission and is broadly based in the better understanding of psychiatric illnesses and studying better delivery of care, including working with the School of Medicine clinical trials office to offer leading-edge treatment trials. One particularly noteworthy aspect of the department’s research program involves studying the delivery of services for children, including the very young. The MU LAUNCH grant focused on early mental health and evidence-based interventions for children. This project was the springboard for several currently funded projects, including SOAR (System Offering Action for Resilience) and the BC-ECC (Boone County-Early Child Coalition) which continues to implement and study evidence-based interventions that support the social-emotional development of young children and their families.