The ThinkFirst Corporate/Community Traffic Safety Program promotes safety through workplace and community safety education.

traffic safety program

Each program includes

Informative and Engaging Presentation

The Corporate/Community Traffic Safety Program is directed and led by nationally-acclaimed ThinkFirst speaker Penny Lorenz Anderson. As a crash survivor herself, Penny opens each program with a fast-paced presentation about crash dynamics and the consequences of motor vehicle trauma.

Compelling Survivor Testimony

The most effective and memorable component of the program features the testimony of ThinkFirst Voices for Injury Prevention (VIP) speakers. The VIPs explain how their injury occurred, describe life before and after the injury, and talk about what it's like to live with a disability.  A well-trained speaker explaining the basic anatomy of the central nervous system and the permanent physiological changes caused by a brain or spinal cord injury. Individuals learn the common causes of these injuries, ways to prevent them, and who is most at risk. Also stressed is the fact that although these injuries are permanent, they are often predictable and preventable.


Following the VIP testimony, audiences have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ways to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries.

Programs Available Throughout the State at NO CHARGE

Thanks to funding from the Missouri Department Transportation, Highway Safety and Traffic Division, ThinkFirst Missouri offers Corporate/Community Traffic Safety Programs at NO CHARGE to businesses, agencies, civic clubs and organizations.