ThinkFirst for Youth is a safety curriculum for youth in grades four through eight.

ThinkFirst for youth

Each Program Includes

Curriculum & Activities

TFFY provides youth with lessons on decision-making skills, creating a confident self-image, and developing an ability to withstand peer pressure. This curriculum includes a variety of age-appropriate activities to best meet the learning and developmental needs of students. These activities help youth develop a practical understanding situations, the importance of safety measures and ways to avoid injury.

ThinkFirst For Kids and Youth is for students in grades kindergarten through eight - an important time to help students learn the importance of protecting themselves, as they are increasingly faced with decision-making challenges involving their safety. Anatomy lessons and classroom activities help students develop a practical understanding of their body's abilities, limitations and vulnerability for injuries. Exercises build communication and conflict resolution skills, increasing self confidence and the ability to make safe choices when on their own or in the face of peer pressure.

Safety Topics

Topics include (but not limited to):

  • Water Safety
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Sports and Playground Safety
  • Violence Avoidance

Programs Available Throughout the State at NO CHARGE

ThinkFirst for Youth is a safety curriculum program of the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation. A limited number of curricula are available at NO CHARGE through ThinkFirst Missouri.

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