The Shelden Clinical Simulation Center houses some of the most advanced simulation equipment and facilities for medical training.

In 2011, the center launched a Mobile Simulation unit in response to the need for interactive and high-tech training resources in rural areas.


The Mobile Sim unit provides an opportunity to take simulation training on the road. On board the 30-foot vehicle are four computerized patient mannequins and virtual reality devices with the ability to simulate more than 110 medical scenarios. Mobile Sim’s trained staff provides on-site setup and assistance for each session, and patient actors can be employed to make learning experiences even more realistic and effective. Mobile Sim is also equipped with two cameras to record participants and data storage devices to capture a variety of information from training sessions. The eight-hour Mobile Simulation Orientation class is included in the initial cost.


The Mobile Sim’s resources and staff support provides advanced educational resources to a broader audience of health care professionals, which will, in turn, improve the quality and safety of patient care throughout the state. The Mobile Sim unit offers following:

  • American Heart Association Certifications (seated classes or eLearning)
    • Heartsaver/BLS for Health Care Provider
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
    • Pediatric Life Support
  • High-fidelity Simulations
    • Health assessment
    • High-acuity adult medical surgery
    • Pediatrics
    • Childbearing
    • Chronic care
    • Leadership
    • Critical thinking and team approach
  • Mannequin Simulation Classes
    • Building Scenarios with Your Programming
    • How to Operate Your Simulator “On the Fly”
    • Better Understanding Your Simulator


Mobile Sim is equipped with the following:

  • Mannequins
    • METI adult
    • Gaumard birthing
    • Gaumard infant
    • Gaumard 1-year-old
    • Gaumard 5-year-old
  • Chest tube trainer: Trauma Man
  • Central line trainer: Blue Phantom
  • Femoral line trainer
  • Lumbar puncture trainers
  • IV trainers
  • Intubation trainers
  • Glidescopes
  • Foley/GI trainers
  • On-board/On-site recording