This page is dedicated for our current Simulated Participants (SPs). Without your participation, we could not offer the same valuable educational experiences to our students.

You are a vital link in their development and training process, and as such, this page will give you access to specific links and tools that you will utilize as an SP. 

As an SP, you will use our LearningSpace system to perform a variety of tasks, most importantly, providing valuable feedback to our students regarding their performance during training and skills related events. Please use the link below to log in.


You will have plenty of information and data to recall. Experience has taught us that even the best SPs need to update, reset or retrieve a forgotten password. The “Secure Authentication Toolkit” will give you access to a variety of tools. The password related tools will be the most valuable and most widely used by current SPs.

Secure Authentication Toolkit

Email communication is the primary method utilized when contacting and updating you regarding upcoming opportunities and current events to which you might be assigned. See below for a link to web-based email. Please note that all contacts and announcements relevant to our SPs will be sent to your MU account so it is crucial that you check this email account regularly.

Faculty/Staff Email

The “MyHR” link will provide you access to important HR related links such as employee information and mandatory trainings. You will utilize this link when updating addresses, accessing your payroll records and gaining access to current job listings within the MU system. 


Being an SP requires dedication, hard work and talented individuals who contribute to a quality learning environment. The “Association of Standardized Patient Educators” (ASPE) website provides information regarding additional trainings and opportunities to network with other individuals in this challenging but rewarding type of work. 


Last, but not least, is the information regarding how and who to contact in the event you have been scheduled for an SP role but need to cancel. We request that you provide us with as much notice as possible if issues arise that would prevent you from completing an assigned role. You may notify us by phone or by email using the information below.

SP Cancel Hotline: