As a tertiary, ACS-verified Level 1 Trauma Center with a catchment of over 2 million people, University of Missouri Health Care is dedicated to providing quality acute surgical care. Our goal is to shape trainees into master acute care surgeons and surgical leaders.

Surgical Critical Care Operating Room


With the primary goal to provide the best care for our patients, our acute care surgeons, are award-winning educators who are dedicated to training competent, confident and capable surgeons. Our graduates will become masters of all areas of critical care, including:

  • Surgical management of severe trauma and acute surgical emergencies
  • Advanced pulmonary and ventilatory management
  • Cardiac mechanics, including invasive monitoring and ECMO
  • Modern resuscitation techniques
  • Renal failure and replacement strategies
  • Hepatic dysfunction and associated physiology

Surgical Critical Care Rounds

Surgeon Leaders

Fellows are not only trained to be clinical authorities, but also as leaders in our field. From managing multiple multidisciplinary teams to contributing to national literature and committees, our graduates are well-positioned for success.

  • Academic development
  • Practice Management Guideline authorship
  • Leadership training
  • Local and national organization committees
  • Professional development

Surgical Critical Care procedure

Successful Environment

It is no secret that we hold ourselves, and our trainees to high standards. We expect our fellows to own their patients and the unit, and to develop deep understanding of complex physiologic processes to prepare them for independent, confident practice. To ensure this occurs, we provide learners with the tools necessary to catapult their knowledge and skill to the next level. Our physical environment is appointed to deliver high-quality care with contemporary equipment, a dedicated procedure suite, and stand-alone operating room within the ICU.