Medical school is a full-time commitment. Students are expected to meet a high level of professional standards, including high standards for attendance. In no circumstance is an unexcused absence acceptable. In considering requests for excused absences, we encourage students to remember that professionalism is vitally important to the training of future physicians. We try to instill in each student a sense of responsibility, including, at times, setting aside personal agendas.

However, we do understand that there will be occasions during which students will need to be absent, and we will, for good cause, excuse absences. When absences are for reasons known well in advance, such as attending a national meeting as a representative from the school, the form requesting an excused absence should be completed and submitted to the rotation or course during which the absence will occur as soon as possible but no later than two weeks prior to the start date.

Absence Forms

For additional information, see the Student Handbook.