Several advisory boards and committees exist at the School of Medicine and include a wide range of faculty, staff and students who advise on many issues.

Data and Safety Monitoring Committee

The Data and Safety Monitoring Committee helps investigators and MU research compliance oversight mechanisms protect human-research participants and ensure the integrity and scientific validity of research data.

Dean’s Advisory Committee on Clinical Research

The Dean’s Advisory Committee on Clinical Research reviews clinical trials procedures and resources, and will help maximize support systems for investigators and study teams. The committee is comprised of department chairs, clinical trials investigators, investigator-initiated researchers, and others who interact with clinical research resources across the School of Medicine.

Dean's Advisory Committee on Medical Student Research

The Dean's Advisory Committee on Medical Student Research helps facilitate communication between faculty researchers and medical students interested in pursuing a research project. Comprised of medical students, the committee was formed to maximize opportunities for medical students to participate in research activities.

Dean’s Advisory Committee on Research Space

The Dean’s Advisory Committee on Research Space advises the dean on the optimal utilization of research space in order to achieve strategic goals and to maximize research productivity.

Dean’s Advisory Committee on Research Strategy

The Dean’s Advisory Committee on Research Strategy is charged with advising the dean on the strategic direction of research in the School of Medicine.

Joint Research Council

The Joint Research Council was formed by MU and Cerner as they ultimately desire to increase the quantity and quality of research performed by university personnel utilizing health-related information and informatics tools. MU and Cerner have agreed that areas of strategic investment related to research should include:

  • developing exceptional access to data sources
  • developing and implementing state of the art information technology research infrastructure
  • and developing robust investigator support services to assist university personnel at each campus in utilizing available data sources.

Research Council

Research Council offers faculty a forum to discuss institutional research issues and communicate them to the administration. According to the School of Medicine Faculty Bylaws adopted in May, 1991, the Research Council shall recommend policies governing research to the Faculty Assembly, including the fostering and stimulation of intramural and extramural research relations, interdisciplinary research, and the generation and distribution of research funds.

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