Faculty members in MU Family and Community Medicine have many accomplishments.

Prestigious Faculty Honors

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Thomas W. Johnson Award

  • Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH (2012)

AAFP/AFMRD Nikitas J. Zervanos Outstanding Residency Program Director

  • Erika Ringdahl, MD (2015)

AAFP/Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education

  • Elizabeth A. Garrett, MD, MSPH(1981)
  • James Stevermer, MD, MSPH (1994)
  • Erik Lindbloom, MD, MSPH (1996)
  • Karli Urban, MD (2011)
  • Emily Doucette, MD (2013)
  • Colbert Nelson, DO, MPH (2022)

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Arnold P Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award

  • Coleen Kivlahan, MD, MSPH (2001)

Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Mid-Career Physician Award

  • Paul Tatum, MD, MSPH (2016)

Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program for Women

  • Richelle Koopman, MD, MS (2017)

National Academy of Medicine Members (formerly IOM)

  • Jerry Perkoff, MD (deceased)
  • Jack Colwill, MD
  • Michael LeFevre, MD, MSPH

New York State Academy of Family Physicians Max Cheplove, MD Award

  • Jack Colwill, MD (2002)
  • Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH (2009)
  • Michael LeFevre, MD, MSPH (2016)

North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG)

NAPCRG Distinguished Mentor Award

  • David Mehr, MD, MS (2019)
  • Gillian Bartlett, PhD (2022)

NAPCRG President’s Award

  • Richelle Koopman, MD, MS (2019)

NAPCRG Marjorie Bowman and Robert Choplin New Investigator Award

  • Abigail Rolbiecki, PhD, MPH, MSW (2020)

NAPCRG Dr. Barbara Starfield Award

  • Sonal Patil, MD, MSPH (2015)

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM)

STFM F. Marion Bishop Leadership Award

  • Jack Colwill, MD (2002)

STFM New Faculty Scholar Award Winners

  • Laura Morris, MD, MSPH (2012)
  • Amanda Swenson, MD, MSPH (2012)

STFM Recognition Award (2010)

  • Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH

MU Chancellor’s Committee Tribute to MU Women Award

  • Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH (2009)
  • Richelle Koopman, MD, MS (2017)

MU Faculty Alumni Award Winners

  • Margaret Flynn, PhD (deceased)
  • Jack Colwill, MD
  • Mike Hosokawa, EdD
  • Robin Blake, MD
  • Harold Williamson, MD, MSPH
  • Michael LeFevre, MD, MSPH
  • Steven Zweig, MD, MSPH
  • Richelle Koopman, MD, MS

MU Retiree of the Year

  • Robin Blake, MD (2012)

MU School of Medicine/Medical Alumni Organization Citation of Merit

  • Michael LeFevre, MD, MSPH (2013)

MU School of Medicine/Medical Alumni Organization Distinguished Service

  • Debra Howenstine, MD (2016)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award

  • Debra Howenstine, MD (2004)

National and State Leadership

AAFP Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in Family Medicine (CDEI-FM).

  • Colbert Nelson, DO, MPH (member)

AAFP Commission on Health of the Public and Science

  • Peter Koopman, MD (chair)
  • James Stevermer, MD, MSPH (past member)
  • Michael LeFevre, MD, MSPH (past member)

AAFP Commission on Governmental Advocacy

  • Peter Koopman, MD (current member)

AAFP Vaccine Science Fellow

  • Laura Morris, MD, MSPH (past fellow)

American Board of Family Medicine Board (ABFM)

  • Jack Colwill, MD (past member)
  • Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH (past member)

ABFM National Journal Club

  • Nicholas LeFevre, MD, MSAM, FAAFP (steering committee member)
  • Erik Lindbloom, MD, MSPH (steering committee member)
  • Laura Morris, MD, MSPH (steering committee member)

Association of Departments of Family Medicine (ADFM)

  • Steven C. Zweig, MD (past chair)
  • Harold Williamson, MD, MSPH (past chair)

Missouri Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP)

  • Natalie Long, MD (vice-president)
  • Peter Koopman, MD (past president)
  • Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH (past president)

North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG)

  • Richelle Koopman, MD, MS (vice president, president-elect)
  • Gillian Bartlett, PhD (past president 2021-2022; president 2020-2021; vice president 2019-2020)

NAPCRG National Committee on Anti-Racism

  • Abigail Rolbiecki, PhD, MPH, MSW

STFM Conference on Practice and Quality Improvement

  • Margaret Day, MD, MSPH (steering committee member)

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM)

  • Jack Colwill, MD (past president)
  • Elizabeth A. Garrett, MD, MSPH (past president)

US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)

  • Michael LeFevre, MD, MSPH (former member and chair)
  • James Stevermer, MD, MSPH (member)

Campus Leadership

Associate Dean for Curriculum and Evaluation, School of Medicine

  • Kevin Kane, MD, MSPH

Associate Dean for Graduate Research Education, School of Medicine

  • Gillian Bartlett, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Education, School of Medicine

  • Mike Hosokawa, EdD

Medical Director of Population Health, MU Health Care

  • Michael L. LeFevre, MD, MSPH (past director)

Medical Education Director of MU-Area Health Education Centers

  • Laura Morris, MD, MSPH (director)
  • James Stevermer, MD, MSPH (past director)

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Membership

Founded in 1902, AOA is a national honor medical society established to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. AOA elects outstanding junior and senior medical students, graduates, and honorary persons for membership. More than 20 current MU Family Medicine faculty and residents have earned AOA membership.


  • Robin Blake, MD
  • Jack Colwill, MD
  • Kevin Craig, MD, MSPH
  • Benjamin Crenshaw, MD
  • Krystal Foster, MD
  • Kevin Frazer, MD
  • Elizabeth A. Garrett, MD
  • Debra Howenstine, MD
  • Michael L. LeFevre, MD
  • Nicholas LeFevre
  • Whitney Beck LeFevre
  • Erik Lindbloom, MD, MSPH
  • Colin McDonald, MD
  • Natalie Long, MD
  • Laura Morris, MD, MSPH
  • Robert Pierce, MD, MSPH
  • Erika N. Ringdahl, MD
  • James Stevermer, MD, MSPH
  • Sarah Swofford, MD, MSPH
  • Alex Zweig, MD
  • Steven C. Zweig, MD


  • Paige Beauparlant
  • Brent Dudenhoeffer
  • Cheyenne Dudenhoeffer
  • Samuel Holt McNair
  • Austin Squires, MD
  • Andruw Wittels


Family Medicine faculty members are outstanding teachers and mentors whose efforts are consistently recognized with awards and honors from students and colleagues at the School of Medicine. The Jane Hickman Award, the highest recognition for teaching excellence in MU’s School of Medicine, was created in 1991. Since then, seven MU Family Medicine faculty members have been chosen for this outstanding honor.

  • Elizabeth Garrett, MD, MSPH (1994)
  • Robert L. Blake, Jr., MD (1997)
  • Steven C. Zweig, MD, MSPH (2004)
  • Michael C. Hosokawa, EdD (2007)
  • James Campbell, PhD (2011)
  • Debra Howenstine, MD (2012)
  • Kevin Kane, MD, MSPH (2016)
  • James Stevermer, MD, MSPH (2021)


The Dorsett L. Spurgeon, MD, Distinguished Medical Research Award

University of Missouri Health Sciences Research Day

Recognizing outstanding achievements by MU medical school faculty in the early stages of their careers. In addition to receiving a cash prize, Spurgeon Award recipients deliver the keynote address at a ceremony held on Health Sciences Research Day. MU Family and Community Medicine Spurgeon Award winners:

  • Erik Lindbloom, MD, MSPH (2005)
  • Kevin Everett, PhD, (2006)
  • Joseph LeMaster, MD, MPH (2007)
  • Richelle Koopman, MD, MS (2010)
  • Karla Washington, PhD, LCSW (2017)

Excellence in Junior Faculty Research Mentoring Award

University of Missouri Health Sciences Research Day

  • David Mehr, MD, MS (2017)

Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education Network (LIME)

LIMElight Award for Excellence in Indigenous Health Research

  • Melissa Lewis, PhD (2017)

Patient Care: Best Doctors in America® (2019)

The “Best Doctors” list is one of the most prestigious and credible tools available to consumers for selecting a doctor. Only four percent of all U.S. doctors are selected by their peers for this honor.

  • Kevin Craig, MD, MSPH
  • David Cravens, MD, MSPH
  • Benjamin Crenshaw, MD
  • Anne Fitzsimmons, MD
  • Seth Freeman, MD
  • Peter Koopman, MD
  • Richelle Koopman, MD, MS
  • Michael L. LeFevre, MD
  • Erik Lindbloom, MD, MSPH
  • David R. Mehr, MD
  • Carin E. Reust, MD
  • Erika N. Ringdahl, MD
  • Jacqueline Ruplinger, MD
  • Casey Williams, MD, MSPH
  • Lynn Wung, MD, MSPH
  • Steven C. Zweig, MD