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Fully peer-reviewed, AJHM publishes original research articles, reviews of various topics focusing on inpatient medicine, case reports, and viewpoints.

Current Issue

Volume 7 Issue 4 October-December 2023

Original Research

Physician and Patient Perspectives on Inpatients’ Understanding of Their Care and Mixed Messages During Hospitalization
C To, MSPH,1 Jeffrey Schnipper, MD,2 Jenica Cimino, BA,3 Elizabeth Bambury, BS,4 James D.
Harrison, PhD,3 Mariam K. Atkinson, PhD5
Am j Hosp Med Oct;7(4): 2023. DOI:

Clinical Image

Cranial Impalement: A Late Discovery of a Non-Metal Foreign Object
Francisco J. Lugo Rincón-Gallardo, MD,1 Ana P. Mendoza-Gaona, MD1
Am j Hosp Med Oct;7(4): 2023. DOI:

Case Report

Plasmapheresis for hyperbilirubinemia and bile cast nephropathy after terbinafine therapy
Justine T. Hung, MD,1 Lucas F. Fass, MD,1 Muhammad S. Karim, MD,2 William N. Rose, MD3
Am j Hosp Med Oct;7(4): 2023. DOI:

Thrombus Formation Within a Left Ventricular Apical Aneurysm in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with Midcavity Obstruction: A Case Report
Ashwin Jagadish,1 Shobha Hiremagalur, MD,2 Ahmed Khan, MD2
Am j Hosp Med Oct;7(4): 2023. DOI: