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Fully peer-reviewed, AJHM publishes original research articles, reviews of various topics focusing on inpatient medicine, case reports, and viewpoints.

Current Issue

Volume 6 Issue 1. January - March 2022

Case Report

Development of warfarin-induced, non-uremic calciphylaxis following recovery from COVID-19 infection with acute renal injury – A report of a case.
Briana Halle, BA, Lisa Ishii, MD, Jeffrey P. Zwerner MD, PhD and Eva Rawlings Parker, MD
Am j Hosp Med 2022 Jan;6(1):2022.

Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalopathy Secondary to an Ovarian Teratoma
Vinay Krupadev, MD, Samuel Johnson, MS, Elizabeth Arogundade, MD and Catherine Jones, MD
Am j Hosp Med 2022 Mar;6(1):2022.

Clinical Image

A solitary red nodule on the wrist: bacillary angiomatosis in a patient with lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma
Lisa Ishii, MD and Alan S. Boyd, MD
Am j Hosp Med 2022 Jan;6(1):2022.