Burnout, depression, and overall wellness have become subjects of importance recently within the medical community. Our goal is to provide information to our residents, fellows, and other medical trainees regarding wellness.

Wellness resources, including physical and emotional wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, environmental wellness, occupational wellness, and intellectual wellness are all available to you. Please find links to various resources in our community. We hope that this will serve as a valuable resource in promoting overall wellness to trainees, and will help them to be resilient physicians while specializing in their chosen fields.

Physical and emotional wellness

Physical wellness encourages regular physical activity, an understanding of the importance of nutrition, and healthy habits. Emotional wellness involves our ability to cope with challenges, recognize both negative and positive emotions, and to participate in healthy relationships. In this section, please find links to physical activities in our community, information about how to eat healthy, where to find a doctor or dentist, and how to address mental health issues.

Dental resources

Mental health resources

Dealing with suicidal thoughts and feelings

Physician Suicide and Its Prevention


Social wellness

Social wellness involves maintaining a healthy balance between social and personal time, being engaged in your community, and developing supportive relationships. In this section, please find links about social activities in Columbia, housing resources, and information about how to maintain positive relationships during residency.

The Importance of Family and Friends During Residency

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness involves being able to recognize a common purpose that binds creation together, and feeling that your existence has meaning. In this section, please find links to the University of Missouri’s Spiritual Care department, as well as various places of worship in our community.

Environmental wellness

Environmental wellness involves recognizing our own responsibility to the world around us, and trying to make a positive impact on our communities and planet. In this section, please find links to environmental initiatives at MU and in Missouri.

Occupational wellness

Occupational wellness involves the ability to gain personal fulfillment and satisfaction from our careers, and our ability to positively impact society in general. In this section, please find links about how to identify workplace stress and how to cope with hardships or adverse outcomes.


Work-Life Balance

Coping strategies and tips



Adverse Event and Litigation Stress

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness involves our desire to learn new information, develop our skills, and seek challenges. Discover some opportunities.

Available Grand Rounds and Seminars hosted at the MU School of Medicine

Available classes and learning opportunities at Mizzou