The University of Missouri provides a formal didactic program which includes morning lectures, a training level specific afternoon lecture series, individual and group simulation sessions and computer based learning.

Residents participate in mock oral exams twice per year. They also participate in journal clubs and keyword learning sessions. Along with the formal didactics, education occurs as informal teaching with faculty in the clinical setting.

Grand rounds

The department meets the every Wednesday morning for grand rounds, which include faculty lectures, guest speakers, M&M, mock oral exam sessions and resident presentations. The first Wednesday of the month is reserved for simulation events, resident meetings, and quality improvement (QI) projects.

Independent Study

Residents are provided independent protected study time each Wednesday prior to class specific lectures. Question banks, keyword review, independent reading, and online learning sites can be utilized during this time.

Level-specific lectures

Wednesday afternoon

  • CA1 class: Basic Lecture Series for an introduction to clinical anesthesia and prepare for the ABA Basic Exam
  • CA2 and CA3 classes: Advanced Lecture Series as preparation for the ABA Advanced Exam and entering clinical practice

Rotating Lectures

Following the class specific lectures each Wednesday afternoon, one of the following events will be scheduled:

  • Journal club
  • Keywords
  • Practice Management Sessions
  • Research Seminar


  • The Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden Clinical Simulation Center houses multiple high-fidelity and task-based trainers.
  • CA1 residents are introduced to basic topics and procedures during their first months
  • CA1 through CA3 residents participate in group high-fidelity simulation sessions each year
  • CA3 residents attend the simulation center for sessions to cover additional rare event scenarios
  • OSCE training for education and preparation for the ABA exam

Online education

Our residents are enrolled in the TrueLearn question bank which is paid for by the department. Additional online resources include access to an extensive online library of anesthesiology texts and journals, e-echocardiograpy enrollment, and participation in IHI Open school.

Skill-based labs

Central line and airway labs are held on a rotating basis to augment intraoperative teaching.

Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)

Objective Structured Clinical Exam sessions are used as educational tools and preparation for the ABA OSCE exam.