Each Thursday afternoon, residents are given protected time to attend a half day of didactics. This includes dermatopathology lab, faculty lecture, journal club, case conference and slide show.

Dermatopathology curriculum

Residents have dedicated time at the multi headed scope with our two dermatopathologists each week, reviewing unknown glass slides. In addition, there is a didactic curriculum with topic-based lectures given bimonthly throughout the year, correlating with the resident scope sessions. Outside dermatopathologists are invited to lecture on a periodic basis.

Faculty lecture

With our diverse faculty, residents receive expert didactics on general dermatology, complex medical dermatology, dermatology oncology, pediatric dermatology, dermoscopy, dermatopathology, surgical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology. Residents will experience interactive sessions expanding upon their surgical and cosmetic skills.

Journal Club

Journal club is held once, monthly. Three residents select an article from recent dermatologic literature to analyze and discuss with our faculty, residents, and research staff. We pride ourselves in staying up-to-date on current literature and the best practices.

Case conference

Faculty and residents present classic, interesting, unusual, and unknown cases encountered during clinics. Surgical cases of importance are discussed, reviewed and documented by residents, as well as any mortality and morbidity that has occurred during the past week. Residents presenting cases are required to have the patient’s demographics available, although only the patient’s initials are used during the presentation to maintain confidentiality. Selected relevant textbook or EBM journal articles about the case are reviewed. The consult resident both compiles cases and leads the conference, which occurs weekly. This is always a great opportunity for collaboration with the entire dermatology department.

Slide show

Third year residents assign faculty, residents, and staff members to lead the slide show.  Slide show consists of a presentation of 20-30 unknown clinical projected images of cutaneous diseases of all varieties. Residents describe the image presented, give a differential diagnosis, and discuss appropriate key points regarding the correct diagnosis. Pathophysiology, diagnostic testing, therapeutic options, and dermatopathologic correlation is reviewed.

Textbook conference

The second and third year residents present this conference weekly and it covers a complete clinical dermatology text annually. Residents review reading completed during the week; including assignments from a clinical dermatology textbook, dermatopharmacology textbook, and a dermatopathology textbook. The conference is a resident only session where the content is reviewed in both didactic and quiz format to enhance learning.