Master’s students must submit a Plan of Study (M1 form); form a thesis committee (M2 form), and submit the Report of Master’s Examining Committee (M3 form).

The University of Missouri requirements for a master’s degree are 30 hour of coursework — of which 15 hours must be 8000/9000 level courses. Not more than 40 percent of the 8000/9000 hours can be from topics and problems courses.

Required Coursework

  • MPP 8411 Mammalian Pharmacology and Physiology
  • MPP 7422 Medical Physiology
  • MPP 7424 Pharmacology and Translational Medicine
  • MPP 8420 Skills in Biomedical Research
  • MPP 9422 Journal Club (Every Semester)
  • MPP 8412 Seminar (Every Semester)
  • MPP 8415 Responsible Conduct of Research through Engagement, Enactment and Empowerment NIH and other Federal Age
  • Statistics 7070, 7530 or 7510
  • Elective **

**Two upper-level MPP electives must be taken by non-thesis track students. Suggestions include MPP 9426 Transmembrane Signaling, MPP 9430 Cardiovascular Physiology, MPP 9431 Control of Energy Metabolism, MPP 9432 Mammalian Membrane Physiology, MPP 9434 Microvascular Circulatory Function, MPP 9435 Molecular Exercise Biology, MPP 9437 Neural Cardiorespiratory Control

Review the official course listings provided by the registrar.

Teaching Assistantship

Master’s students are required to serve as a teaching assistant for every semester that they are enrolled in the program.

Thesis Committee

A thesis advisory committee is composed of three members of the MU faculty: a major adviser from the department, a second reader from the department and an outside reader who is a member of the graduate faculty from a different MU graduate program. It is expected that students will declare thesis vs. non-thesis track by the end of the first semester, as well as form their committee.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to present at the annual departmental student research update day each year that they are enrolled in the program.

Thesis Track: Writing and defense of thesis.

Non-Thesis Scholarly Project: Candidates must complete a substantial independent project that cannot be coauthored and is approved by the thesis committee. Suggested projects include, but are not limited to, writing of a review paper, developing a new laboratory for the physiology course that includes a TA lab manual or developing a PhUN week outreach program.