The University of Missouri Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (MU-iCATS) serves as the focal point for MU programs that transform research findings into solutions for human health issues.

TL1 Scholars
TL1 Scholars Eric Grisham, Maren Heller and William Moritz


As a core resource for clinical and translational science researchers at MU, iCATS connects interdisciplinary researchers with research tools though the ShowMe Portal and routinely provides mentoring and education opportunities to the next generation of researchers. As a land-grant institution, MU is committed to disseminating research broadly, and iCATS helps facilitate that mission.

MU-iCATS has been a formal partner of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis since August 2015. Together, the institutes work to attract and secure funding to the region so they can collaborate to reach national CTSA goals.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The University of Missouri has more than 75 centers and core programs that advance interdisciplinary research and education. The centers and programs support scientists, educators and students in exploring ideas that cross traditional academic boundaries. By encouraging collaboration and sharing of resources, the programs also improve innovation, productivity and efficiency across the University of Missouri.

Clinical Trials

Connecting communities with resources for improving health is a primary mission of the MU-iCATS. By engaging scientists and the communities they serve, iCATS strengthens community-university relations in an effort to make real improvements in health and quality of life.

Members of the public can play a more active role in their own health care, gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available, and help improve health care for everyone by participating in clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that are carefully designed to answer questions about the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments for illness and injuries.

The University of Missouri Clinical Research Center facilitates clinical trials at the university and serves as a bridge between patient-centered care and biomedical science. Learn how to participate in clinical trials at MU.

Learn More About iCATS

ICATS distributes news and information to students, educators, scientists, and the public through its website, publications, events, and other activities. If you would like to become an official iCATS partner, receive news and information about clinical and translational research at MU, or request an expert speaker to present to your group or organization, please email