Morning Report

This 30 minute conference is held every Tuesday and Thursday morning and led by the on call team intern or senior resident. Either an interesting case or a classic presentation is presented. During the presentation residents participate in differential building and discuss next steps in management. The case is summarized and brief teaching points are discussed afterwards.

Chiefs’ morning Report

Held every Wednesday morning by one of the chief residents, this conference focuses on learning with an interactive team based format. Formats have ranged from traditional multiple choice questions to jeopardy, acid-base charades, “Are You Smarter than an Intern”, and other takes on popular game shows.

Noon Conference

These conferences are held every Monday through Wednesday at noon and led by medicine and subspecialty faculty. Lecturers are encouraged to provide pre-lecture material and to encourage a “flipped classroom” maximizing resident participation rather than traditional lecture formats. Noon conferences have also included mock stat teams held in the Sheldon Clinical Simulation Center.

Grand Rounds

Grand rounds are held every Thursday at Noon in Acuff Auditorium. Lectures are provided by medicine and subspecialty faculty as well as guest speakers who are notable experts in their particular field.

Senior Resident Conference Series

As part of our academic requirements, senior residents are required to lead at least three senior resident conferences. These conferences are held every Friday as a noon conference.

Clinical Implications of Basic Research/Journal Club

As part of Mizzou’s commitment to translational research, this conference aims to discuss basic research topics and their potential for future changes to clinical practice. Senior residents are tasked with selecting topics from a well-regarded journal, explaining its background, discussing its relevance to patient care, and reviewing potential challenges to implementation.

Mortality and Morbidity

A case which resulted in either mortality or significant morbidity is presented with a focus on educational points and identifying potential areas to improve patient care. This is the only lecture series in which medical students are not encouraged to attend.


This conference presents a case alongside a pathology resident. These cases typically include interesting clinical or anatomical pathology, or a diagnosis that requires pathology for definitive diagnosis or further management. This series continues to foster an interdepartmental relationship that facilitates education regarding the intricacies of pathologic specimen processing, and interpretation of clinical and anatomical pathology results in the context of the patient.


This conference presents a case alongside an emergency medicine resident. These cases typically include caveats concerning emergency room to hospital admission transition, treatment and management of emergent conditions, or pre-clinical assessment prior to emergency room referral. This series continues to facilitate discussions with our ER colleagues to ensure the smoothest transitions for our patients to and from the emergency department, and to improve our own management of critical emergent conditions.

Due to COVID19, nearly all of these conference opportunities have been made available as teleconferences.