The legacy program, Molecular Pathogenesis & Therapeutics (MPT) has transitioned to become the Infection & Immunity track of the Translational Biosciences Graduate Program (TBS). We welcome new applications submitted through the multi-track TBS Program.

The I&I Program trains scientists in the subjects of Immunology, Microbiology, and Virology, and associated pathogenesis & therapeutics. Currently, 50 basic and translational research laboratories use cutting edge technologies to make breakthroughs in areas such as viral infection dynamics, cancer immunology, bone marrow and organ transplantation, vaccination and immunological memory, microbial pathogenesis and therapeutics, autoimmunity, gene and stem cell engineering and therapy, insect and arthropod vector-borne diseases, immune cells and signal transduction, microbiome in health and disease, and many more.

Financial information for I&I Students

All I&I students are provided with a stipend of $33,000 per year, health insurance, and tuition coverage while they are making acceptable research progress. Students pay their own incidental fees: recreation facility (pre-comp), student activity, and student health fee (pre-comp).