Graduation Requirements

For a complete guide, please refer to the MPT Graduate Student Handbook.

Required courses for MPT graduate students

Fall semester, 1st year (two of the following required)

Course Name Credit Hours
BIOCHM 8240 Introduction to Graduate Biochemistry I  5
MICROB 9085 Rotations in Microbiology  1
MICROB 9087 Seminar in Microbiology 1
MICROB 9001 Skills in Microbiology (Topics) 2

Spring semester, 1st year (two of the following required)

Course Name Credit Hours
MICROB 8303 Fundamental Virology 3
MICROB 8304 Immunology 3
MICROB 8404 Foundations in Bacterial Pathogenesis 3

Two of the following courses (only one of these may be an approved elective)

Course Name Credit Hours
MICROB 9303 Adv. Virology 4
MICROB 9404 Adv. Bacterial Pathogenesis  4
MICROB 9407 Adv. Immunology  4
MICROB 9449 Infection and Immunity 4

Approved 8000/9000 current literature-based electives (3-4 credit hours)

Course Name Credit Hours
VPB 8436 Pathogenic Mechanisms in Vet Path 3
Bio. Sc. 8350 Advanced Cellular Biology 3
Bio. Sc./Biochem 9460 Cancer Biology 3
Bio Sc. 8320 Developmental Genetics 3
Bio. Sc. 8440 Integrated Neuroscience I 3
Bio. Sc. 8442 Integrated Neuroscience II 3
MPP 9426 Transmembrane Signaling 4
MPP 9435 Skeletal Muscle 3


Other 8000/9000-level electives: The DGS and the Curriculum Committee must approve these courses. They should also be approved by the student’s doctoral committee.

BIO_SCI 8060 Ethical Conduct of Research (1 credit hour; every spring semester).
MICROB 9087 Seminar (required to take this four times: second-fifth years) (1 credit hour; every spring semester)
MICROB 9403 Advanced Medial Microbiology (credit for teaching) (2 credit hours; every semester)

Other duties

  • Act as a teaching assistant (TA) in MICROB 2800 or MICROB 3200 (Undergraduate Medical Microbiology Laboratory) for two semesters (to be completed during the first two years, but not during the fall semester of the first year).
  • Attend program seminars (any invited speakers, student seminars or defense seminars); attendance will be taken; enroll in MICROB 9087 Seminar for 1 credit hour, all students present in their years 2-5.

You will need to give a seminar during Years 2-5, as well, and your grade will be determined by attendance and your presentation.

Credit-Hour Requirements

The graduate school requires 72 hours of advanced study to be completed for a PhD degree. A minimum of 15 hours of 8000-level course work, not including Problems — MICROB 9087 and Research — MICROB 9090, at most, four hours of seminar — MICROB 9087 can count toward this requirement.

Full-Time Student Enrollment

Graduate student full-time enrollment status pre-comprehensive exam:

  • 9 credit hours for fall and spring, 5 credit hours for summer.

Graduate student full-time enrollment status post-comprehensive exam:

  • 2 credit hours for fall and spring, 1 credit hour for summer.

Resources:  (Forms and Travel information)

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University of Missouri Graduate School  

The Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapeutics Graduate Program recognizes and follows all requirements and rules as set by the University of Missouri Graduate School.