All MPT graduate students are financially supported while they are making acceptable research progress. For exceptionally qualified applicants, fellowships are available from a predoctoral program that is supported by the Life Sciences Program at the University of Missouri.

In addition, minority fellowships are offered through the Gus T. Ridgel Fellowship. Currently, all graduate students who are not supported by fellowships receive stipends of $30,000 annually.

Cost of Study

See the cost of graduate education at the University of Missouri.

Tuition for all full-time residential/nonresidential students who qualify is waived. At this time, the University of Missouri is exploring alternative and/or additional processes to assist graduate students in the purchase of health insurance. A task force is exploring our options, and recommendations will be forthcoming.

Students will be responsible for paying incidental fees (recreation facility, student activity, student health, School of Medicine science fee and information technology, plus parking) which total an average of $3,800 per year.