Research conducted by faculty in Anatomical Sciences bridges the fields of evolutionary morphology and clinically relevant anatomical sciences. Faculty possess a broad range of expertise in lab-, museum- and field-based investigations of the evolutionary and translational significance of anatomical variation in primates, mammals and vertebrates.

Photo of Casey Holliday and colleague with alligator head.

Principal research areas center on: quantitative approaches to neural and cranial imaging and integration; allometric, multivariate and geometric morphometric analyses of ontogeny and phylogeny; adaptive significance of musculoskeletal transformations during major evolutionary events; and experimental analyses of joint formation, function, formation and aging.

Students interested in working in these areas may contact the individual faculty members directly.


  • Dr. Kristina J. Aldridge
  • Dr. Dana Duren, Adjunct Professor in Anatomy
  • Dr. Kevin Flaherty
  • Dr. Sean Greer
  • Dr. Cheryl Hill
  • Dr. Casey Holliday
  • Dr. Allison Nesbitt
  • Dr. Richard Sherwood
  • Dr. Carol V. Ward
  • Dr Sarah Zaleski