Pathology Informatics (DPI) in the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences was founded to deeply incorporate informatics expertise into the department’s clinical, research and educational missions. The founding director of the division works closely with other division members as well as members of the Translational and Cancer Bioinformatics Lab, OneHealth BioRepository, Whole-Slide Imaging (WSI) Analytics Lab, MU Informatics Institute (MUII), MU Department of Computer Science (CS), and the MU Department of Health Management and Informatics on various informatics projects.

Faculty include:

  • Richard Hammer, MD, Director of Pathology Informatics

The division’s faculty conducts research in translational and cancer bioinformatics, imaging informatics, pathology informatics, computational epigenetics and precision medicine informatics. Among such research projects are studies on computational reasoning over molecular knowledge networks to support precision medicine, function of long non-coding RNAs, molecular underpinnings of intra-tumor heterogeneity, brain damage imaging, diagnostics heuristics and many other topics.

The faculty teaches pathology informatics, translational and cancer informatics, and computational models to pathology residents, MUII and CS graduate students. Recently, a new course on Precision Medicine Informatics was offered in the School of Medicine and MUII. The division’s faculty and staff also are involved in internal development and support of laboratory information systems such as anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) and diabetes laboratories, tissue bank information system, gross, WSI and electron microscopy images as well as Digital Pathology PACS system, Telepathology and other laboratory software. The division’s Whole-Slide Imaging Analytics Lab offers a whole-slide imaging service that provides high-resolution bright-field slide scanning, processing and analysis by software algorithms and board-certified pathologists. The lab accepts standard glass slides and produces whole-slide digital images in SVS format as well as publication-quality files ready for inclusion in papers and posters. Annotations, commentary and analysis by machine-learning algorithms and board-certified pathologists, such as nuclear/membrane IHC staining quantifications, are provided.

Selected Publications by DPI Faculty and Staff

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