Research in Cancer Biology includes analysis of hematologic malignancies as well as solid tumors of the brain, breast, ovary, and oral cavity. Studies are focused on the pathology of neoplasia and disease classification, as well as the development of improved molecular diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and the identification of novel therapeutic targets.

One major focus area includes detailed computational analysis of epigenetic alterations in hematologic malignancies, including high-throughput mapping of the cancer methylome and the use of methylation specific biomarkers for cancer screening. Mechanistic studies of cell adhesion, extracellular matrix remodeling, the control of solid tumor metastasis, angiogenesis, and cancer stem cells are additional research areas of interest. Studies in neuropathology seek to define the relationship between gene expression and tumor variant in medulloblastoma and gliomas. Studies in anatomic pathology are focused on identifying methods for better classification and prognostication of cancer from limited specimens, such as biopsies.


  • Dr. Slava Glinskii
  • Dr. Richard Hammer
  • Dr. Lester Layfield
  • Dr. Akhil Srivastava