The Mizzou OneHealth Biorepository is a University of Missouri IRB-approved facility for storing and processing de-identified tissue specimens that are not required for diagnostic purposes and would otherwise be discarded. This tissue bank was established with the intent of providing provide high quality normal and pathologic human tissue samples and ancillary molecular biology processing services for IRB-approved biomedical research projects.

Our inventory currently contains over 2000 paraffin blocks and 1300 frozen tissue aliquots from about 500 normal, benign and malignant specimens.

Samples are formalin fixed or flash frozen as quickly as preliminary pathologic evaluation permits, generally within 30 to 60 minutes following surgical resection. Frozen tissue is stored in high capacity liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer equipped with continuous monitoring of temperature status with remote alarm notification of failure. Evaluation of extracted DNA and RNA has shown excellent quality to date. The collection continues to grow with additional material procured on a daily basis. See the biobank website for more information about specific services provided, specific tissue sample available and pricing.

The Mizzou OneHealth Biorepository laboratory and office space are located on the 2nd floor of the Medical Sciences building at the University Hospital. Our laboratory includes essential equipment to perform molecular and histological work along with a BSL2 designated laboratory equipped with two biosafety cabinets. The BSL2 designation is required by EHS to work with unfixed human and animal specimens.

Department of Pathology Support for Biomedical Research Studies

In addition to providing a broad array of clinical services to UMHS patients, the Department of Pathology is also committed to supporting biomedical research in the MU community, whether in the form of evaluation of histologic sections, image processing, clinical testing, or other analytical methods. The Pathology faculty represents a full range of expertise in all domains of pathobiology.

  • Dr. Lester Layfield – cytology, molecular diagnostics, soft tissue tumors, FISH.
  • Dr. Richard Hammer – hematopathology, molecular diagnostics in hematology, leukemia, lymphomas, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, coagulation and lab testing.
  • Dr. Shellaine Frazier – GI pathology, liver pathology, general surgical pathology