The Division of Urology is a well-rounded, diverse group of faculty, staff and residents. We have surgical expertise across the urological subspecialties. We are dedicated to embracing our mission through exceptional patient-centered care, outstanding professional relationships, and engaging scholarly activities.

MISSION: To provide outstanding state of the art care for patients and exemplary training in the field of genitourinary surgery.

VISION: To become a national leader in urological education and patient care.


We are proud of our accomplishments and overarching goals. Our resident training program prepares urologic surgeons for both academic and private practice careers. An environment of creative thought and innovation is encouraged through collaborative mentorship, clinical experiences, and scholarly endeavors.

The Mission and Vision of the Division of Urology at the University of Missouri are consistent with those of the University of Missouri School of Medicine, University of Missouri Health Care System, and the University of Missouri. We embrace the principles of these organizations. Learn more:

  • 60-year history of the training program as a champion of diversity within urology.
    • The Divison of Urology values diversity, and it is exemplified in the array of our faculty and residents' race, ethnic, gender and religious backgrounds. We strongly believe that having a diverse workforce enhances the quality of our health care delivery, research, teaching and improvement in our individual wellbeing and community as a whole.
    • Ongoing career and personal wellness and advancement of all members of the faculty and staff.
    • Outreach of clinical care to patients with all urological issues across Missouri. Read about our care.
    • Teaching the urologists of the future to become the medical leaders of tomorrow.