The Division of Urology has a rich research background from the early inception of the division with a focus on everything from immunology in renal transplantation to improving patient outcomes and risk stratifying patients with urological conditions.

While taking care of the urological conditions of mid-Missourians, the faculty at the University of Missouri have also been able to contribute to the larger field of urology, surgery and medicine through research endeavors.

Collaborations within the University of Missouri system is highly encouraged and the Division of Urology has embraced this opportunity across the School of Medicine as well as the entire University System. Faculty are directly collaborating with individuals from the following: 

With research goals, also comes education of residents and students. The faculty are proud to mentor and guide these individuals through their own projects from design to final publication. Several Quality Improvement Projects have also been led by the Urology Division including both faculty and staff. These initiatives have been forefront in improving the lives and experiences of patients and employees at MU Health Care.

Faculty have completed and currently have ongoing grants and funding opportunities that have allowed this work to persist. These have been through internal and external mechanisms including PCORI grants, societal grants, institutional grants, and pharmaceutical grants.

Faculty have ongoing Clinical Trials that are Investigator-Initiated as well as through Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office. The Division of Urology has been very successful in trial recruitment to improve the current and future care of patients.

2020 Publications

Already in 2020, the Division of Urology has been successful with many peer-reviewed publications:

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