Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC), in partnership with the University of Missouri School of Medicine, aims to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity resulting from severe illness or trauma.

Emergency Medical Services for Children

In order to achieve the mission, EMSC will focus on training, awareness and partnerships with agencies around the state of Missouri.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

In partnership with the Shelden Clinical Simulation Center, EMSC is bringing high-fidelity simulation to EMS agencies throughout Missouri. This opportunity will focus on pediatric asthma and seizure patients and will include a didactic portion, pediatric skills stations and a high-fidelity simulation scenario in the Mobile Sim Unit.

Current training details are below. **Details are subject to change, so contact KendrickE@health.missouri.edu for the latest information.

Date Time Location
March 5, 2019 0700-1100 Lake Regional Hospital
March 5, 2019 1300-1700 Miller County Ambulance
March 20, 2019 0830-1400 Phelps County Regional
March 22, 2019 0830-1230 Marian County Ambulance
March 22, 2019 1400-1900 Boone County Ambulance

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC)

By appointing a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) within your agency, you are ensuring the treatment and transport needs of a pediatric patient are carried out properly and to the best of your team’s ability. The PECC will be a voice for pediatric patient needs and will work specifically with your protocols, equipment, resources and transfer guidelines to help your organization create an agency-specific plan for all pediatric patients.

Anyone within your agency can be the designated PECC. The best choice for this role is someone who has a passion for pediatric patients and a working knowledge of the resources within your area. Examples of roles within your service that could serve concurrently as a PECC:

  • Paramedic with an interested and knowledge of pediatric care and equipment.
  • QA/QI Team Member
  • Education Coordinator
  • Chief Paramedic

To register your agency’s PECC and learn more about the PECC role, please visit the following link. To officially register your PECC, your agency must fill out and return a PECC pledge to KendrickE@health.missouri.edu.

PECC Training Information

Ambulance Stickers

The sticker recognition program implemented by the Bureau of EMS was a very popular program. With our new partnership and the new federally outlined Performance Measures in place, the sticker program will continue but will see some changes. MO EMSC hopes to implement a multi-level prehospital recognition program. To start, please see below for our bronze level requirements.

In order to receive an EMSC – Bronze recognition, your agency will need two things:

1.       An identified PECC with a signed PECC Pledge

2.       Verification of all equipment on our checklist being carried on your ambulances

Please find both of the documents needed for EMSC – Bronze recognition here

Please email all submissions to kendricke@health.missouri.edu.

Once this is completed, a press update will be sent to the local newspaper, recognizing your service’s commitment to pediatric readiness and stickers will be sent to the address you provide in your email.

Our Performance Measures

01: Submission of NEMSIS compliant version 3.x data

EMSC is working to ensure 90% of licensed EMS agencies in the state are actively submitted NEMSIS 3.X data by 2021.

02: Pediatric Emergency Care Coordination

EMSC is working with agencies in the state to ensure that 90% of EMS agencies have a designated PECC within their system by 2026.

03: Use of pediatric-specific equipment

EMSC is working to ensure that 90% of EMS agencies will have a process that requires providers to physically demonstrate the correct use of pediatric-specific equipment on a continual basis.

04: Hospital Recognition for Pediatric Medical Emergencies

EMSC is working with various agencies throughout the state to create a statewide standardization system that recognizes which hospitals are capable to stabilize pediatric medical emergencies.

05: Hospital Recognition for Pediatric Traumatic Emergencies

EMSC will continue to work with our current trauma designation process, and we will work to create a pediatric capable recognition system for areas in our state without easy access to specialty resources.

06: Inter-facility Guidelines

EMSC is working towards 90% of hospitals in Missouri having written inter-facility transfer guidelines that cover pediatric patients and include specific components of transfer by 2021.

07: Transfer Agreements

EMSC is working towards 90% of hospitals in Missouri having written inter-facility transfer agreements in place to cover pediatric patients by 2021.

08: Permanence of EMSC in the State of Missouri

Missouri EMSC will continue to establish its permanence at the state level by continuing to chair an EMSC Advisory Committee and remaining active on BEMS activities and legislative issues.