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December 2019

December 18

"Teen Mothers and Mental Health"
Presented by Lauren Owenby, MD
Resident Physician
University of Missouri- Department of Psychiatry

November 2019

November 13

"Mid and Long-term Efficacy and Effectiveness of Antipsychotic Medications for Schizophrenia: a Data-driven, Personalized Clinical Approach"
Presented by Ira Glick, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University - Department of Psychiatry

    November 20

    "A few thoughts on the history, hype and hope of non-invasive brain stimulation"
    Presented by Scott H. Frey, PhD, EdM
    Miller Family Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
    University of Missouri - Departments of Psychological Sciences & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    October 2019

    October 30

    "Mental Health Related Recidivism"
    Presented by Howard Houghton, MD
    Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
    University of Missouri - Department of Psychiatry

    October 23

    "Sleep and Cognition in Older Adults: Moderators and Training Strategies"
    Presented by Ashley Curtis, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    University of Missouri - Department of Psychiatry

      October 16

      "Cannabis: The Good, the Bad, and Clinical Implications"
      Presented by Jin Cai, MD
      Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
      University of Missouri - Department of Psychiatry

      October 9

      "Clinical Management of Tardive Dyskinesia: Five Steps to Success"
      Presented by Leslie Citrome, MD, MPH, DFAPA
      Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
      New York Medical College

      September 2019

      September 25

      "DSM-5 Outline for Cultural Formulation and the Cultural Formulation Interview: Tools for Culturally Competent Care"
      Presented by Francis Lu, MD
      Luke & Grace Kim Professor in Cultural Psychiatry, Emeritus
      Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Step VII, Emeritus
      University of California, Davis

        September 18

        "Compas Health Network"
        Presented by Syed Husain, MD
        Professor Emeritus and Al Greimann, President/CEO of Royal Oaks Hospital and Executive Vice-President of Compas Health.
        University of Missouri - Department of Psychiatry

        September 11

        "Psychocutaneous Medicine: Intersection of the Skin and Mind"
        Presented by Kara Braudis, MD
        Assistant Professor of Dermatology
        Director of Dermatopathology
        University of Missouri - Department of Dermatology

        June 2019

        June 26

        "Vicarious Trauma and Self Care"
        Presented by Sarah Canoy, MD
        University of Missouri - Psychiatry

        May 2019

        May 29

        "Nazi Germany and Psychiatry"
        Presented by Jalaj Ahuja, MD
        University of Missouri - Psychiatry

        May 22

        "Physician Suicide"
        Presented by Cecilia Albers, MD
        University of Missouri - Psychiatry

        May 15

        "Elder Abuse, a 21st Century Issue: Is Guardianship the Solution or the Problem?"
        Presented by Buchi Idika, MD
        University of Missouri - Psychiatry

        April 2019

        April 24

        Presented by Jo Ellen Wilson, MD
        Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
        Vanderbilt University Medical Center

        April 10

        "CBD - The Good, Bad, and the Unknown"
        Presented by Rohit Saha, MD
        University of Missouri - Psychiatry

        March 2019

        March 13

        "Pathological Use of the Internet and the Rise of Internet Gaming Disorder"
        Presented by Femi Popoola, MD
        University of Missouri - Psychiatry

        February 2019

        February 27

        "Are We Ready for Transdiagnostic Treatments for Substance Use Disorders?"
        Presented by Brett Froeliger, PhD

        February 20

        "Medial and Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Neuromodulation Therapies in Depression: A Continuum"
        Presented by Ziad Nahas, MD, MSCR
        University of Minnesota - Psychiatry

        February 13

        "Eye side effects associated with medicine in Psychiatry"
        Presented by Frederick Fraunfelder, MD
        University of Missouri - Ophthalmology

        January 2019

        January 30

        "Behavior Change and the clinician's role"
        Presented by Megan Loehr, MD PGY-3
        University of Missouri - Department of Psychiatry

        January 23

        "Motivational Interviewing"
        Presented by John R. Hall, MD
        University of Missouri - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

        January 16

        "The Crazed Gunman Myth: An Examination of Mental Illness and Firearm Violence"
        Presented by Amanda Kingston, MD
        University of Missouri-Psychiatry

        January 9

        "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation"
        Presented by Maria Davilla, MD,
        Awakenings KC

        December 2018

        December 19

        "Treating the whole patient in pain"
        Presented by Daniel Vilceanu, MD, PhD
        University of Missouri - Anesthesiology, Pain Management

        December 12

        "MU School of Social Work Integrated Behavioral Health Clinic: Program successes and challenges"
        Presented by Kelli Canada, LCSW, PhD
        University of Missouri - School of Social Work

        November 2018

        November 28

        "Rapid Acting Treatments for Depression and Suicidality: Ketamine and Beyond"
        Presented by Lawrence Park, MD
        National Institute of Mental Health, NIH

        November 14

        "Medical Clearance of Psychiatric Patient-ED Perspective"
        Presented by Christopher Sampson, MD
        University of Missouri Emergency Medicine

        October 2018

        October 3

        Departmental Meeting

        October 10

        "Restless Leg Syndrome"
        Presented by Pradeep Bollu, MD,
        University of Missouri-Neurology

        October 17

        "Interventions for Marijuana Use Among Adolescents/Young Adults "
        Presented by Ali Yurasek, PhD
        Assistant Professor
        Department of Health Education and Behavior
        University of Florida

        October 24

        "Healing the Healers"
        Presented by Robert Bondurant, RN, LCSW
        Missouri Physicians Health Programs
        St. Louis, MO

        October 31

        "Publishing and Tracking Your Impact - How the Librarians Can Help "
        Presented by E. Diane Johnson
        Assistant Director
        Information Services and Resources
        J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library

        September 2018

        September 5

        "Prenatal Stress, Redox Dysregulation in the Offspring Brain, and Psychiatric Risk"
        Presented by Hanna Stevens, MD

        September 19

        "Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation"
        Presented by Ila Durkin, MD, and Muaid Ithman, MD

        September 26

        "Associations Between Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Stress-Related Biomarkers in Autism Spectrum Disorder"
        Presented by Bradley Ferguson, PhD

        May 2018

        May 9

        "Physician Burnout"
        Presented by Stephanie Irwin, MD

        May 16

        "Genetic Screening for Medication Management"
        Presented by Judith Miles, MD, PhD (MU) & Shelly Beckwith (GeneTrait)

        May 23

        Presented by Chad Elder, DO

        May 30

        "Advances in Prevention and Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia"
        Presented by Roger W. Sommi, Pharm.D., BCPP, FCCP

        April 2018

        April 18

        "Management of Acutely Agitated Patients"
        Presented by Leslie Citrome, MD

        April 25

        "Epilepsy Spectrum Disorders in Psychiatry"
        Presented by Nashaat Boutros, MD

        March 2018

        March 14

        "Native American Mental Health"
        Presented by Katherine Edwards, MD

        March 21

        "A Synopsis of My Clinical Experience With Office-Based Opioid Treatment"
        Presented by Oluwole Popoola, MD

        March 28

        "An Open Source Surveillance and Population Dynamics Study of United States Serial Killers, 1980-2014"
        Presented by Bruce Harry, MD

        February 2018

        Feb. 14

        "Microbiome and Mental Health: Connections, causality and treatments"
        Presented by Brett Chamberlain, MD

        Feb. 21

        "Psychiatric Treatment in Pregnant Mothers"
        Presented by Kimberly Brandt, DO

        January 2018

        Jan. 10

        "The Perfect Storm: Difficulties in the treatment of early-onset schizophrenia in transitional age youth"
        Presented by Vanessa Schmidt, MD

        Jan. 17

        "Relationship Violence and Mental Health"
        Presented by Tina L. Bloom, PhD, MPH, RN

        Jan. 24

        "Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic"
        Presented by Rebekah Freese, MSW, LCSW, and Kelli Canada, PhD, MSW

        Jan. 31

        "Update on Psychotropic Medications"
        Presented by Austin Campbell, PharmD, BCPP