Resident social activities are scheduled throughout the year. Retreats and pot-luck meals are planned and give Residents a chance to relax and connect with each other.

Annual Resident Retreat

Once a year in May or June, our entire program of 40+residents gather together for breakfast, barbecue and camaraderie as we fill out feedback forms for improvement of various areas of the residency program. Recently, we also started going to Lake of the Ozarks for a retreat weekend. Activities held at the retreat include team building, cooking and boat riding while spending time with our families, giving us all a nice break before the onset of the next academic year!


Held every first Wednesday of the month, we get together for a delicious pot-luck lunch while celebrating monthly resident birthdays! Our chief chef, Dr Scott Brenner (also referred to as the Director of Meatdactics) has been in charge of this activity for 3 consecutive years. Some of the meats he has smoked in his Kamodo Joe include Boston butt, chicken shawarma, lamb gyro meat, beef brisket, smoked turkey and tandoori chicken. Everybody is free to bring sides, drinks and desserts. Some lunches have been themed to include world cuisines such as Indian, Nigerian and Mediterranean.

2020 Psychiatry Graduation Celebration

"As the year 2020 brought enormous challenges to patient care and safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw changes to health care and administration that were testing to say the least. So to spread some joy and celebrate our graduating Residents and Fellows, I conceptualized and choreographed a fun dance video performed by Staff, Faculty, Residents and Fellows alike. This video reflects the lives of our colleagues during the pandemic who come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and performed to a medley of dance numbers from across the globe showcasing the spirit of the department!

So please enjoy the video and spread some cheer!!"

Meelie Bordoloi, MD