MU family medicine residents are appropriately challenged with training and learning experiences designed to prepare them for independent practice. View rotation descriptions ›

Sample Schedules

First Year (PRG1)

Family Medicine Inpatient 18-20 weeks
Pediatric Inpatient 8 weeks
Well Baby Nursery 2 weeks
OB Night Float (OB service) 4 weeks
Neonatal ICU 2 weeks
Emergency Room 4 weeks
Family Maternity Care 4 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks

Second Year (PRG2)

Family Medicine Inpatient 10-12 weeks
Cardiac ICU 4 weeks
Medical ICU 4 weeks
Family Maternity Care: Night Float 2 weeks
Behavioral Health/Community Health 8 weeks
Geriatrics/Palliative Care 4 weeks
Surgery 4 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks
Elective 2-4 weeks
Sports 4 weeks
Women's Health 2 weeks
Surgical Subspecialties 2 weeks

Third Year (PRG3)

Family Medicine Inpatient 8-10 weeks
Dermatology 2 weeks
Sports Medicine 4 weeks
Women's Health 2 weeks
Ambulatory Peds 8 weeks
Family Maternity Care: Night Float 4 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks
Elective 16 weeks
Emergency Room Senior 2 weeks
Family Maternity Care: Night Float 2 weeks

Resident Didactics

Each Tuesday afternoon, residents are given protected time to attend a half day of didactics. A three year curriculum has been developed to cover the broad scope of core family medicine topics. Specific curriculums have been developed over the three years that focus on sports medicine, POCUS, procedures (suturing, toenail removal, circumcisions, skin biopsies), public health, and quality improvement that are incorporated into didactic sessions. Once a month, didactic time is devoted to a Theme Day during which one key area is explored in depth. Examples include: diabetes, coronary artery disease, headache, neonatal care, care of the child, adolescent medicine, maternity care complications, etc. Every month that has a fifth Tuesday, residency faculty host a fun activity focused on residency wellness!

Grand Rounds

Each Wednesday, Grand Rounds is held over the noon hour. Faculty members make up the majority of Grand Rounds lecturers. Third year residents also develop their own topic and present at one of these sessions during their final year of residency. These lectures are also a CME opportunity for faculty.