The Pediatrics Residency Department provides residents a unique opportunity to take part in two separate simulation programs. The Simulation Boot Camp for first-year residents is a new program to be held annually. The Continuing Simulation Education is a quarterly continuing simulation education program. Both programs provide multiple learning opportunities using hi-fidelity simulation.

Simulation boot camp

The Pediatrics Residency Simulation boot camp is for first-year Pediatrics and Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residents at MU. The first boot camp was held on June 16, 2020 and the most recent was held on April 27, 2023. The Simulation boot camp may be held annually depending on the ability to resolve scheduling conflicts for the residents.


  • Recognize and discuss the management of several pediatric and neonatal emergencies using hi-fidelity simulations
  • Learn procedural skills commonly expected from a resident
  • Learn teamwork and communication skills

Pre-Course work

Participants are expected to answer questions on a pre-test. This tests their cognitive knowledge and gives a chance to read and reflect on common problems they will encounter during their residency.

Participants are expected to watch a set of videos that depict one of the several ways of performing skills that they will practice during the boot camp.


  • Three hours of hands-on experience

Dress Code

  • Scrubs only

Procedural Skills

  • Intubation and other airway interventions on the neonatal airway
  • Intubation and other airway interventions on the pediatric airway
  • Wound suturing
  • Umbilical venous catheterization
  • Splinting of fractures
  • Neonatal Case Scenario
  • Pediatric Case Scenario


The scenarios are not revealed to maintain an element of surprise and encourage active participation and self-reflection by the residents.


Special Thanks

The boot camp could not have been accomplished without the support of the Sheldon Clinical Simulation Center and the following participants:

Continuing Simulation Education

Continuing Simulation Education sessions are held quarterly on a Thursday and usually are four hours in duration. They provide a safe learning environment where there are no “errors”, only learning opportunities.

Groups of three to five residents work with a faculty facilitator at each station and practice two procedural skills and up to three scenarios. Each station lasts approximately 30 minutes. The most recent session was held September 28 2023.

The procedures to be practiced are selected by the group of participating residents and the chief resident a week in advance.

Future sessions are TBD.

Contact your chief resident with questions.