Learn About Our Program

Our faculty and residents are proud of the robust, resident-driven training program we have developed here at Mizzou.

We are fortunate to have excellent support from our Medicine and Peditarics departments and enjoy the benefits of a stand-alone Med-Peds program with its own faculty, program director, associate program director, chief resident and support staff.

In addition to the practice of patient care, our resident physicians are highly engaged in medical education, leadership, and research.

Graduates of our program have embarked upon a range of career paths from primary care, hospitalist medicine, emergency medicine and advanced training in both categorical and combined Med-Peds fellowship programs.

The supportive learning environment fostered by our residents and faculty has created a fantastic training program. We are very proud of our program and invite you to take a closer look; we bet you will like what you find!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train outstanding Med-Peds physicians with an educational emphasis based on four principles: excellence in patient care, enthusiasm for leadership and advocacy, commitment to scholarly endeavor, and passion for service on behalf of our fellow citizens.

The Med-Peds residency program has two primary goals: to educate resident physicians to provide high-quality, patient-centered, evidence-based patient care and to foster residents’ unique interests to further their personal and career goals. The Med-Peds program at MU Health Care strives to provide an exceptional residency experience through the dedication of our faculty and residents, to outstanding patient care, commitment to clinical education, and motivation to both understand and contribute to medical knowledge.

Med Peds: Meet Our Attending Faculty

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