Welcome to the Med-Peds residency program at the University of Missouri. I hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web. Our intention is to give you a peek into world of Med-Peds at MU.

From the biographies of our residents to the descriptions of our rotations, please feel free to take a tour through our site. Allow me give you an overview of our program.

Our goal is to train Med-Peds physicians who will thrive in their post-residency careers, whether their career choice is in Hospitalist Medicine, Primary Care, ER/urgent care, or additional Fellowship Training. Our energetic and engaged Med-Peds trained and boarded faculty work with the residents to develop the ACGME 6 Core Competencies to achieve their professional goals and enjoy the challenge along the way.

We place great value on having a growth mindset. Our residency program continuously adapts the learning environment to meet the needs of our residents. Currently, we have a weekly ambulatory curriculum with a mix of articles, ACP modules, and podcasts to engage all learning styles. We meet monthly for board review at a local restaurant, faculty/resident home or the MU Simulation Center. We strive to have honest conversations about what’s working well and what needs attention. In addition, while rotating on either Medicine or Pediatrics, our residents participate in each program’s curriculum while the Program Residency teams work peacefully together to mindfully remove redundancies.

One last aspect of the Med-Peds program at MU that I wanted to mention is community – both within the residency program and in Columbia. The residency is small but the residents are a tight-knit group who enjoy meeting with one another, either during the course of a work day, during one of our conferences, or at one of the many social gatherings we have throughout the year. Columbia is a college town with a friendly, vibrant atmosphere. At the same time, it is a wonderful place to raise a family - with little traffic, crime, or pollution. So consider Columbia as your destination for Med-Peds – you’ll always be welcome.

I hope you have gained a meaningful look into the Med-Peds residency program at the University of Missouri. Whether you are applying for a Med-Peds residency or you are just curious about Med-Peds, please feel free to contact us for more information about Med-Peds at MU.

Abigail Emerson, MD
Med-Peds Program Director