Welcome to the Med-Peds residency program at the University of Missouri. I hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web. Our intention is to give you a peek into world of Med-Peds at MU.

Our goal is to train Med-Peds physicians who will thrive in their post-residency careers, whether their career choice is in Hospitalist Medicine, Primary Care, ER/urgent care, or additional Fellowship Training. Our energetic and engaged Med-Peds trained and boarded faculty work with the residents to develop the ACGME 6 Core Competencies to achieve their professional goals and enjoy the challenge along the way.

We place great value on having a growth mindset. Our residency program continuously adapts the learning environment to meet the needs of our residents. Currently, we have a weekly ambulatory curriculum with a mix of articles, ACP modules, and podcasts to engage all learning styles. This Med-Peds conference occurs once a week at noon and we meet quarterly at the MU Simulation Center to hone various skills. We also hold various social activities throughout the year with a focus on well-being. In addition, while rotating on either Medicine or Pediatrics, our residents participate in each program’s curriculum.

One last aspect of the Med-Peds program at MU that I wanted to mention is community – both within the residency program and in Columbia. The residency is small, but the residents are a tight-knit group who enjoy meeting with one another, either during the course of a workday, during one of our conferences, or at one of the many social gatherings we have throughout the year. Columbia is a college town with a friendly, vibrant atmosphere. At the same time, it is a wonderful place to raise a family - with little traffic, crime, or pollution. So, consider Columbia as your destination for Med-Peds – you’ll always be welcome.

I hope you have gained a meaningful look into the Med-Peds residency program at the University of Missouri. Whether you are applying for a Med-Peds residency or are just curious about Med-Peds, please feel free to contact us for more information about Med-Peds at MU.

Clayton Butcher, MD
Med-Peds Program Director