We take pride in our resident-driven curriculum that allows for excellent training. We have a weekly dedicated Med-Peds conference covering board preparation, as well as, clinically relevant topics. While rotating on Medicine or Pediatrics, our residents participate in each program's curriculum. As a result, our program consistently yields exceptionally well-prepared and competent Med-Peds physicians.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Ambulatory Yale curriculum reviewing common medicine and pediatric primary care topics.
  • Dedicated pediatric and medicine didactics while on each service.
  • Numerous online resources, such as MKSAP and pediatric PREP, available to each resident.
  • Quarterly simulation experiences utilizing the Shelden Clinical Simulation Center for patient case scenarios as well as commonly encountered procedures

Continuity Clinic

During the first two years of training, each resident will have one half-day of continuity clinic where they will establish a panel of adult and pediatric patients. Continuity clinics are held at Woodrail Internal-Medicine Pediatrics Clinic, a MU Health Care primary care clinic.

During the third and fourth years of training, residents add a second half-day clinic during elective/non-inpatient rotations. The second clinic may be at the same location as the primary continuity clinic, or residents may choose to work with adult or pediatric specialists to further explore an area of interest or to gain more exposure to an area of weakness.

Rotations and Electives

Our curriculum is based on the requirements set forth by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Internal Medicine. We offer a four year training program with time split evenly between the departments of Pediatrics and Medicine.

Resident rotations are scheduled in 13 blocks that last exactly four weeks (28 days). During a block, a resident will have a two- or four-week rotation. Each resident rotates departments every three blocks. This system allows our residents to experience medicine and pediatrics during each season of the year during their residency, and that is important because of the seasonal variation of certain disease processes.


We offer a variety of categorical pediatric and medicine electives, as well as opportunities for combined rotations. Residents attend clinics of both internists and pediatricians in combined electives so that the educational experience more closely approximates future practice. 

Our curriculum is flexible such that residents are able to design rotations to meet their needs depending on what their future career goals.

Sample Schedule

Below is a sample schedule. There are required medicine and pediatric ward rotations each year in addition to a number of electives. Here, some electives are provided; however, residents have a great deal of flexibility in choosing electives that align with their career goals.

  PGY - 1 PGY - 2 PGY - 3 PGY - 4
Pediatrics Ward Intern Ward Senior Ward Senior Ward Senior
Ward Intern NF PICU Senior Night Float Senior Night Float Senior
NICU Intern NICU Senior Well Baby Nursery Emergency Department
Ambulatory Pediatrics NICU NF Senior Developmental Pediatrics Community Block
Elective Well Baby Nursery Emergency Department Developmental Pediatrics
Well Baby Nursery Adolescent Medicine Elective Elective
Pulmonary Clinic Hematology - Oncology Elective Elective
Community Block Elective Vacation ( 2 weeks ) Vacation ( 2 weeks )
Vacation ( 2 weeks ) Vacation ( 2 weeks )    
Medicine University Ward Intern University Ward Senior VA Ward Senior MU/VA Ward Senior
VA Ward Intern VA Ward Senior VA Ward NF MU/VA Ward NF
CICU Intern Geriatrics/Palliative University Ward Senior Cardiology Consults
MICU Intern Emergency Department MICU Senior Hem/Onc Wards
Elective Cardiology Ward Intern MICU NF Elective
Elective Med-Peds Outpatient Clinic* Elective Elective
Elective Elective Elective Elective
Vacation ( 2 weeks ) Vacation ( 2 weeks ) Vacation ( 2 weeks ) Vacation ( 2 weeks )
* Combined Med-Peds rotation