Applications for the Neurology Residency program are only accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Application deadline is December 1, however, we will close applications once we have filled our interview schedule.

Required documents

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation – written within the past 12 months
  • USMLE or COMLEX transcripts – Steps I and II are required for entry into the program and should be completed prior to the Match
  • For international graduates, your current ECFMG certification document

Interview and selection of candidates

The Program Coordinator reviews all applications to verify that they are complete and meet program criteria. Qualified applications are then reviewed by our interview selection committee. We will consider any applicant who meets these criteria:

  • Anticipated graduation from medical school no later than July 2022, or already graduated from medical school in 2016 or later.
  • Passed step 1 and step 2 USMLE with scores no lower than 1 standard deviation below mean (or COMLEX equivalent).
  • If an international medical school graduate, has a current ECFMG certification document.

After screening all applications, some applicants will be offered formal interviews, after which selection of residents will rest on the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

The screening, interviewing, and selecting process aims to put together a family of neurology residents who will:

  • support each other and the department
  • work well with each other, faculty and staff
  • participate effectively in clinical and academic teams
  • teach and learn from each other
  • constructively contribute to the program while following the program's policies and guidance
  • work hard in the program's clinical and academic activities

The goal is to assemble a team of residents who will graduate with strong clinical neurology skills that can be taken into either a private practice clinical career, or an academic career as a clinician educator or a physician scientist. The ideal candidate works well with people of all perspectives and backgrounds, possess academic and intellectual habits well suited to the study of clinical medicine and neurology, practice and teaching of clinical medicine and neurology, has recently demonstrated skill and interest in clinical medicine and neurology, and evidences commitment to being a superb clinical professional.

For 2021-2022, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all interviews will be virtual (online). To help applicants get to know us better, in addition to the material on this website, we will hold several informal open house meetings online, on scheduled dates. These sessions will briefly discuss the program and then informally allow question and answer time. Some sessions will be run by the program director, and some sessions will be run by current neurology residents (no faculty present).

Applicants invited for interviews will be scheduled for selected dates between November and February. Each candidate will receive a packet that includes an overview of the educational program, contractual and administrative policies of the program, and interviewer biographical information. This information will be reviewed with the candidate during the interview day by the program coordinator and program director.

For candidates who are interviewed, the process goes as follows:

  • Candidates will attend a "virtual dinner" with current neurology residents the night before the interview day. An additional informal session on the interview day with current residents will also be planned. No faculty members are present for these sessions.
  • Candidates have additional presentations on the interview day from the program coordinator and from other University of Missouri representatives. Information will also be presented about living in Columbia.
  • Each candidate is formally interviewed, one-on-one, with several departmental interviewers.
  • Each interviewer completes a written evaluation of each candidate he or she interviewed. All interviewers meet for a huddle at the end of the interview day to discuss each applicant as a group. Each interviewer completes his or her finalized evaluation form and gives to the coordinator, and these become a part of each applicant's file.
  • The file of each candidate who has been interviewed is reviewed and discussed by neurology faculty as a group. A tentative rank list is thus produced, reviewed by a neurology residency selection committee, and by the neurology program director. A final list is submitted to the NRMP.